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I love taking pictures. I love telling stories. But more than anything, I love people.


Just as I do during weddings, I aim to capture authentic interactions between couples in engagement shoots. I encourage you to try to be yourselves throughout the session so you can keep each other relaxed and in the moment. Engagement shoots are some of my favorites because they end up being a natural and intimate reflection of couples. It also gives me a chance to build trust with couples before their big day.


I strive to capture authenticity on your wedding day. The joy, tears, intimacy, smiles, and love that you want to remember for generations to come. My goal is to keep your images natural and light, not over styled, but shot and edited in a way that makes you feel more beautiful than ever before. It is an honor and gift to be chosen to photograph a wedding and it energizes me more than any other type of shoot.


No matter how big or small a family is, or whether it includes kids or canines (or whatever animal you want to bring along), I love the energy that comes with family shoots. Engaging with little ones and encouraging them to smile and play for the camera is one of my favorite parts of my job. I’ve had lots of practice with my four little ones. More than anything though, I love creating life-long relationships with families and watching them grow.

About Me

I love connecting with people. It’s my favorite part of the job. From the moment we meet, I am excited to know your unique story and my goal is to capture it in an authentic and true-to-you way.

It’s hard to express how much I love photography and the feeling I get when I know someone will love an image I captured. I can’t help but edit my images with a permanent smile on my face. It’s seriously what I love to do most and every time someone contacts me for a session, it’s like receiving my favorite gift. Whether it’s a newborn or family session, an engagement, or a wedding day, you can be sure that I am beyond excited to enter into your story.

Here’s a few bits about me – I am blessed with an awesome husband who supports my love for photography in every way. He is a former professional soccer player turned scientist (that’s right, I totally scored), but whenever I have a shoot, he turns on super-daddy mode and juggles all four of our kids. We have a girl and three boys all under the age of five right now, with a set of twins in that mix. Life is busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If it were up to me, we would live outside in a big tree house where the weather is always partly sunny and 75 degrees. Sweets are my jam (mmm, jam). I love helping people choose their outfits for shoots because for some reason I can see what will look good in camera, but don’t count on me always wearing something fashionable. I am stylish in short spurts, after which I give up and wear something comfortable that probably has the words “yoga” and “pants” in the description. I love music and even though I consider myself a fan of many genres, my all-time favorite band is AC/DC. If given the opportunity, I will request “Shook Me All Night Long” at your wedding.

Contact me to chat about whatever. I’d love to meet you!

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Finally, the wedding day. And what a day it was. The weather was everything Spring in North Carolina can offer - sunny, around 70, with a warm breeze to top it off. With it being late April, I didn't even consider sunscreen, but the lobster arms were worth it. I loved...

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NC Art Museum: A Family Shoot

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Share the Love: A Habitat Story

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