I got to know Lars and Anna through the process of capturing their engagement session, her bridal portraits, and finally their wedding. For the first stop we met at Historic Yates Mill County Park in Raleigh, NC where there are walking trails around a lake and the old mill. These two love fishing together and wanted to incorporate that activity into their photos. They’re also fans of trucks and guns which you’ll see in some of these and future photos. By the way, if these interests have you placing them in boxes, just stop right there. They may celebrate all that is redneck but if you know Lars and Anna’s other skills and interests, you would imagine them sipping cans of Dos Equis with the title “The Most Interesting Couple in the World” beneath their photo. They are brilliant, eclectic, faith-filled, sweet and fun with a side of wild. I can tell their marriage will be anything but boring.

I had so much fun capturing them on this perfect evening. I knew the bridal portraits and wedding were going to be amazing and they both exceeded my high expectations…stay tuned for those sessions and more about their varied interests on the blog soon!

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