Emma has talent. You’d think she grew up in one of those countries where they stick child prodigies with crazy teachers that deny them meals if they miss a note, kind of talent. But after meeting her dad and speaking with her mom over the phone, I know she grew up here in North Carolina in a loving, encouraging family. No meals refused. No maniacal teachers. She practices (probably for hours) out of her own free will, motivated by her passion for music.

She truly has a gift.

The first part of our senior session was at the baby grand piano in the church she grew up playing in. I didn’t know Emma before our session but one thing I noticed right away – this girl has moxie. She sat down confidently playing difficult classical pieces on the piano, laughing with her dad and me while easily posing for the camera. I could imagine her performing in Carnegie Hall, owning the stage without a hint of nervousness. After the piano session, we moved outside for some shots of her with her guitars. She had names for them…I want to say Alice and Lucille??…(Emma or Doug, if you read this please correct me). Once again she rocked the “stage” with both the electric and acoustic, playing classic rock songs like a pro. We even got dad, a talented musician and worship director at their church, involved in the shoot.

Emma plans to go to college and study music, hoping to one day become a professor. Based on her talent, focus and personality though, I’d bet she takes some detours within the music industry along the way. I can’t wait to follow her career and brag to everyone that “I took Emma’s senior photos!”

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