Finally, the wedding day. And what a day it was. The weather was everything Spring in North Carolina can offer – sunny, around 70, with a warm breeze to top it off. With it being late April, I didn’t even consider sunscreen, but the lobster arms were worth it. I loved every minute. The people, the beautiful blue sky, the gorgeous setting. It was dreamy from the moment I drove up the dirt road to The Farm at Rock Hill in Burlington, NC.

Another special part of this wedding was that Lars and Anna go to our church, Ekklesia, so I got to capture lots of familiar faces. Both of our pastors were there and the music was performed by people who sing in worship. Curtis, one of our two pastors, did the ceremony and made it funny, sweet and sentimental. It was clear he spent time with the two of them and knew their relationship well.

The message was perfect for Lars and Anna who value their relationships with people deeply. Almost every part of the ceremony and design had some special meaning behind it. One of my favorite touches was Anna’s dress. It was originally her mother’s, and Anna altered a couple things to make it fit her unique personality. She was stunning and sparkled from beginning to end.

They drove off with one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen in the background. The clouds created a pattern that was varied and complex, making all the colors appear rich and full of life. I felt like it was God painting a picture of marriage. Not perfect, but absolutely magical.