Bryan and Sara waited a long time for this day. I remember when Sara first approached me about doing the photography for her wedding. At first I didn’t know if she was serious because I never heard a date, but a couple years after that first mention, I was so excited to get an email with her news. They had saved up and were ready to commit to the place, the day, and me!

I was really hoping for that email because Sara was a person I met through photography. She was my connection at Habitat for Humanity when I first started doing volunteer work for them. I’d always get the most encouraging messages after I’d send in a group of shots from a home dedication or build event. And because of the timing of that work, Sara saw me through most of my pregnancies. I’m sure it was kind of weird having me show up with no belly then six months later, I’d come to an event ready to pop.

That was true for her wedding too. It was in late September, and with the twins (who are still cooking by the way) I showed bigger and earlier than with my older two. I got some looks from guests who were probably thinking “are we going to need a doctor?” But mostly they asked about my pregnancy and congratulated me. This is part of why I LOVE shooting weddings. People are so happy and there is tons of love in the air. It always ends up being a celebration of life and milestones. I feel so blessed to be a part of each story.

Bryan and Sara’s was one of the special ones. She shined throughout the day and you could tell both the bride and groom were relieved to finally make it official. They did it at the place where their relationship grew – their alma mater, the University of NC at Greensboro. The weather was almost as stunning as she was.

Even though it took them a while, the date they picked was perfection. 

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