I remember walking around the grounds of Jordan’s parent’s home on Lake Wheeler in Raleigh, NC. Jordan and I talked about the beautiful sunset pictures we’d get close to the lake and how amazing the custom-made arbor would look in the outdoor ceremony shots. The timing was going to be perfect. The ceremony would end right at golden hour and she and Chris would take couple shots with me away from the party tent they rented for the occasion. That was about two weeks before their big day. 

Then the weather reports started coming in.

Thanks to Hurricane Matthew there would be no sunset and it was looking less and less like there could even be a ceremony. Mark and I drove up to the house on the wedding day to see the event planners packing up the tent and chairs in a downpour. The rain and wind were blowing down huge trees and we heard reports of flooding on roads throughout Raleigh.

But in the midst of all that, we walked in the house to find everyone with smiles on their faces. Jordan’s aunt looked determined, like she was going to make this happen and Hurricane Matthew was no match for her planning skills. Jordan and Chris welcomed us in and seemed just as excited as if it were sunny and 80 outside. They just wanted to get married, no matter what. 

They rearranged the ceremony to be inside the house, cut down the guest list to family, and moved the reception to their friend’s warehouse where they sell granite counter tops. This was all done hours before the event was scheduled to start. I was so impressed. If they could do all that to make the wedding happen, Mark and I were all in. This would be a wedding to remember. 

From the ceremony to the details of the reception, it all looked like it was meant to be exactly that way from the beginning. Honestly, I would recommend the granite warehouse to anyone for a party. It was perfect and had just the right atmosphere for a laid-back celebration. We loved every minute and were so thankful that they didn’t cancel. This is a day none of those in attendance will forget. 

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