I met Amber at a photography workshop not long after my twins were born. She and her husband had an eight month old baby boy at that point. She was saying how she couldn’t imagine having four, and I was telling her, like I tell a lot of people, the transition from zero to one was WAY harder than two to four. There are two groups of people that I totally empathize with now – first time mothers and woman in pregnancies with multiples. If you know someone in either of these camps, drop what you are doing and give them a back rub. They need it.

Besides being mommies, Amber and I both have a love for documentary photography. You can check out some of Amber’s documentary work HERE where you might see some of our family a few months after our boys were born.

We aim to capture real, candid moments and rituals within everyday life. It’s the mundane things that we take for granted and, from what every seasoned mother tells me, those are the memories you treasure most. How your son always shoved a fistful of berries in his mouth and ended up bursting with chipmunk cheeks. How he’d longingly look out the window from the moment he got out of his high chair and beg to go outside. How his favorite toy in the world was whatever stick he could find. Or how he’d throw an absolute tantrum when his food was taking too long to prepare. 

These quirky habits are what tell the unique story of a family and I felt so honored to be able to capture life for the Langhoffs. They are doing an awesome job with their little guy and we caught some special moments of him just after he turned one (see below). 

If you’re interested in learning more about documentary lifestyle sessions for your family, please contact me. I would love to capture the current season of your life!