Share the Love

Before I became a professional photographer, I volunteered on build sites for Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. I even got to use a power saw once which was awesome and terrifying at the same time. When I started to broaden the ways I photographed my community, Habitat allowed me to capture some of their fundraising and building events. It was an amazing opportunity and it still brings me incredible joy to document Habitat moments. I always tear up when someone tells their story and accepts the keys to their new home.

When a couple books a wedding with Mick Schulte Photography, a Habitat family will receive a free family photo session. They will get 4×6 prints from the session and choose one that will be blown up and framed for them.

Habitat is giving them the space and we want to support them by helping to decorate the homes in the best way possible – with the beautiful faces living there. I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk into a home that is decorated with pictures of the family, I feel love.

Marriage is love. Home is love.

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